Welcome to EOS Patrol

Sat, 03/09/2019 - 19:05 - eosp-admin

Are you an EOS scam victim? Then you are at the right place.

Scammers, fishers and hackers are criminals developing sophisticated and automated tools to steal crypto and run away with funds. Thanks to blockchain those movements can be tracked - up to exchanges where these criminals can be identified.
Law enforcement authorities are slow in every country, however the Police intervention is necessary in order to contact exchanges and retrieve criminal information. That's why the report of cyber crime to local police is important for victims.

As long as nobody react, criminals feel safe and will continue to attack EOS. Let's be different from other projects, let's create the strongest distributed community in the world and fight back together !!!


Our mission

  • Create and maintain a public database for EOS related frauds and compromised accounts so everybody can visualize and study the extend of those cyber crimes.
  • Provide first aid to EOS owners who lost control of account (reporting tools, tracking, support, etc.). Even if BPs refuse arbitration, with or without EOS tokens in their pocket, victims are still part of this community.
  • Regroup victims under one roof not only to research and cross reference scam cases but also to coordinate future actions at blockchain or legal level.