Submitted by joshi on Sat, 06/01/2019 - 03:59

hvtclaim [dot] io
hvtclaim [dot] co

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Title Description Lost funds
guztqnrqhege - hvtclaim Scam

On 6/29/19 at about 4:50 AM EST I noticed an advertisement associated with an HVT air drop that advertised 1:10 hvtairdrop.io, I stupidly fell for it and enetered my Private key, they then locked me out of my account

g4ydmojzgege - hvtclaim Scam

I've got a message from telegram(EOSAlarm) which is included a web link(hvtclaim.io) for claiming HVT bonus tokens on June 13,  the keys were changed to the permissions on my account without my control after I tried to claim HVT tokens on that link with my owner account signed through Scatter, and then I was notified that 22200EOS were unstaked on June 16 by EOSAuthority, my funds(22217.6EOS) were moved to unknown account from June 18 to June 19 (gmt+9).

gu2dgnbzgyge - hvtclaim Scam

I use EOS Authority to track activity in my account. In the month prior to being scammed, I kept receiving a message to claim HVT tokens on hvtclaim.io and decided to do so having previously claimed tokens in a similar way. Apparently, this was a scam site that prompted me to give owner authorization through Scatter in order to receive the tokens. I did so assuming that as long as my private key was secure, there was no way for my account to be compromised.

gm2tsmzzguge - hvtclaim Scam

Hi, got email from my EOS account alert to claim tokens. Normally i would delete is, but today I went on the site, it looked genuine and have claimed tokens via scatter as I did before. However this wasn`t the case today. I have realized that after transaction emails were popping and I have not done any of them. Also tried to change permission on my private key but it was too late. Please see scam message below-


New transaction alert on a monitored account


heisenbug123 - hvtclaim Scam

My account was stolen by a scam project hvtclaim . io and my owner key was overwritten by transaction 'updateauth' in Scatter. During authorization process in Scatter, after clicking the "claim" button on this web site, the message appeared, that I have to authorize this transaction with different account, so after I  did it with another Scatter identity, the transaction "updateauth" was executed and both active and owner keys for my account were overwritten. Never ever use your owner key pairs if you don't want to lose the control of your account.

gq2demzygyge - hvtclaim Scam

I was sent a message to claim hirevibe airdrops at hvtclaim.io site.  After I clicked a button to claim my tokens, another message popped up to hit 'show all' on scatter and sign in differently.  After I did that, the scammer took over my account.  

gq2tomzzhage - hvtclaim Scam 1377.00