Known Scams

Find below a list of some EOS scams which will be completed shortly. Feel free to contact us if you know about unlisted ones

rex-eos [dot] io claim [dot] rex-eos [dot] io
hvtclaim [dot] io hvtclaim [dot] co
After you enter your public EOS key, the fake site asks you to “sign the request with your EOS PRIVATE key,” an action that would give the site access to your EOS wallet.
Is this product? - NO Does it have anything to do with Mr Buterin as it claims? - NO mEOS,       
- Spoofing is easy to accomplish. Just because someone on telegram looks like an official EOS Authority or B1 representative, an email looks official or a website looks official, it does not mean that it is.  -
Application looks like real extension Scatter for chrome. Avoid to use Scatter chrome at any cost. 
Site pretends as peos site and propose to claim PEOS   
There are many of them please read here